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Kevin Toderel

FLYABILITY ELIOS 2 Authorized Dealer Canada Gap Wireless

Flyability ELIOS 2 Confined Spaces Drone


Elios 2 is the most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor inspection drone. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

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Flyability ELIOS 2 Features:

  • 10k lumen adjustable, dust-proof lighting system

  • GPS free stabilization

  • Distance lock mode

  • 180 degree tiltable camera

  • Full HD live streaming

  • 4k video/12MP still images from RGB camera

  • Oblique lighting

  • Capable of 3D modeling with Pix4d

  • 2D measurements

The Flyability Elios is perfect for those small, hard to reach, cluttered areas. But if you’re tasked with flying inside spaces that are larger in nature, like the ones outlined below, learn more about the Legacy One. With our 42 megapixel camera, cageless view, and Photo Measurement Software for small defects, it can inspect your large assets in a fraction of the time with greater vehicle control & stability. Our standard pictures capture 25 square feet of surface area, removing the need to bump into your asset for a close up picture through a cage.

Pulp & Paper
Inspect HD Storage Tanks, Bleach Towers, Flare Stacks

Fly Stacks at Refineries, Pulp & Paper, Power Plants

Cargo Ships
Ballast Tanks or Cargo holds for any Large Ship

Power Generation
Perfect inside Boilers, Coal Bunkers, Stacks, Hydro & more

Storage Tanks
API 653, Municipal Water, and other Internal Tank Inspections

Large Buildings
Indoor Cranes, Roof Inspections, Production Facilities & Beyond!

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